Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coming home

We were glad to come home when Ben was about 25 hours old. I asked the pediatrician if we could leave "early," although I had already mentioned my idea to a couple of nurses, so this question was not news by the time the pediatrician came to our room to talk to me about Ben. I think the combination of this being our second child, having a toddler at home, Ben weighing enough and eating enough, and having Thanksgiving later in the week worked to our advantage.

The biggest snafu came when we learned the court wanted a different type of paperwork before we could get the necessary order to leave the hospital. Our attorney originally filed for us to have guardianship when apparently temporary custody was the preferred route. Regardless, after Greg spent most of the day on the phone and with the attorney who works for our attorney who was unavailable, re-visiting the birth mom with different papers to sign and a trip to see the courthouse in Benton, where the family court judge was working, we got what we needed and were able to come home.

It was a good night to have our family of four under the same roof. And Ben seemed satisfied when we introduced him to his crib.

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