Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday's Thought

Dear Little Brother,
Mom keeps talking about you being here soon. I have no idea when that means, but I see her getting ready for you. Your car seat is waiting in the back seat next to me. Momma washed and folded all these little clothes that people have given you.

And Grandmom brought some of our cousin Jax's toys for you. I particularly liked this seat. You'll learn quickly I like any seat that is [close to] my size. I told Momma and Grandmom about these animals, turned on the music and buckled myself in. They mumbled something about if I could do all of that, then I might be too big for the seat. I thought I fit just fine.

We're moving to a new house. Momma keeps telling me I'm going to have a big girl bed because I need to give you my bed. I'm not sure what that's all about, but I just tell her I'll give you a hug. I know those little diapers are for you too. I go in the potty now and like to celebrate my success with an enthusiastic "I did it!" directed toward whoever will listen. Sometimes I talk really fast and Mom has to asked me what I said, but she usually understands.

Big Sister

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  1. all that came out when I finished reading was:
    Very sweet.