Sunday, October 11, 2009

Prom, again ...

My high school boyfriend Brian and I before my senior prom in 1997

I went to prom Friday night for the second time in my life. Well, OK, so it wasn't really prom. But it reminded me of prom, for obvious reasons. Mostly the fact it was a formal and there was music. This time though -- 12 years later -- the point was to raise money for our adoption, thanks to my creative friend Cate. (Yes, she's the same friend who helps us with injuries. She's a rather handy friend to have around!)

Maybe you should know that in 1997 I had to be persuaded by my best friend and mom to go to my senior prom. I [along with Brian] tolerated the evening. But we didn't go to his senior prom. One was definitely enough.

My attitude was much different this time.

My husband Greg and I present day.

But some things remained the same ...

I still don't dance.

Both dresses were purple. [Although I'm sure the more recent version was cheaper, considering I bought it at Goodwill for $5.]

I heard "Ice, Ice Baby." [OK, so I'm just assuming I heard this song both times. I know I heard it Friday night.]

Organizer Cate and our little friend Caedmon, who was quite the dancer.

It was a fun night that again reminded me of how blessed we are to have the community of friends we have. We enjoyed each other and raised $460. I had no idea we'd come away with that kind of financial support. What can I say - my friends are fun and generous!

Because I know you're dying to see more, you can. Here.

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