Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday's Thought

There are often moments in our ordinary days that melt my heart. At the top of the list are definitely unsolicited kisses and hearing the sweet words "Love you, momma." Then there's sleeping little ones. As I've seen Cate grow taller, verbalize more complete thoughts and use her imagination to have conversations with her dolls, I've realized she doesn't seem as grown up when she's sleeping. Something about seeing her sleep takes me back to when she was a newborn and would sleep anywhere.

I was blow drying my hair (I know, really, not a ponytail ...) while Cate was watching "Finding Nemo" late Wednesday morning. Then as while I was in the kitchen gathering some things for a lunch meeting I had coming up, I realized Cate was being awfully quiet ... so quiet I needed to check on her. This picture above shows you what I found. She had positioned that pillow + covered herself up with her favorite blanket. And, yes, she found a place just her size among the clothes I had been folding earlier in the morning.

Add that to the list of moments that melt my heart.


  1. I love to watch Madi sleep too. After I put her to bed for the night, I still leave her door cracked so I can look at her one last time before I go to bed, then I close her door. When they are sleeping, time stands still. They are not growing up right before your eyes. They are that helpless little person who needs you still.