Wednesday, May 20, 2009


May 1979

I've been going through things, partially for a yard sale I'm having in June and partially because I have the desire to get rid of clutter. I was making good progress with household items + baby clothes, then I got distracted by a box of random memorabilia ... notes, cards, ticket stubs, journals, postcards and pictures. And among all of that, I found a 1979 calendar on which my mom had jotted down things about my first few months.

I was born May 3, 1979, but I learned from this calendar that my due date was April 29. And, actually, May is missing from the calendar and June's notes are pretty sparse. I'm sure Mom was busy with her first born! Here are some notes from the following months ...

July 12 (10 weeks old) -- holds self up
Aug. 3 (three months old) -- pictures at Sears
Aug. 9 -- noticing toys
Aug. 11 -- turned over in bed
Aug. 13 -- turned over third time
Aug. 18 -- rolling over
Aug. 22 -- thumb sucking
Sept. 3 (four months old) -- playing with toes
Sept. 4 -- 25 1/2 inches long; 16 lbs. 12 oz.
Sept. 8 -- baptism
Sept. 18 -- scoots
Sept. 19 -- rocking back and forth
Oct. 10 -- holding self to side on one arm
Oct. 18 -- fell down steps

November and December are missing, probably because the calendar is 30 years old.

I called Mom to tell her that I found the calendar and we talked about how things seem so major at the time they're happening, but how our minds become filled with so many other things and those once-big things become blurry. Like me being four days late. At the time, Mom was probably frustrated with not having a baby yet. But now, 30 years later, four days is nothing. Although she did say she remembers it getting hot. Good thing she wasn't having an August baby, huh?

Finding this calendar has made me thankful I document Cate's life on this blog + in scrapbooks. Here's to hoping that holds true for whenever we're blessed with Baby No. 2.

Now, back to sorting through memorabilia ...

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