Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love, Aunt Jo-Jo

Cate's first Christmas present this year came from Jodi. I was anxious to see Cate open a gift, so I let her open it when it came in the mail Friday afternoon.

This little Santa is so cute. With the push of a button, he taps his feet to a couple different songs. And there's a reindeer one too (see below!) that taps to different songs. You can hook them together and they'll tap together to whichever song you choose.

Jodi sent a stuffed cow, too. Cate greeted the cow with a kiss!

Cate carried them around all afternoon! She had trouble figuring out how to carry everything she wanted!

Thanks, Jodi!

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  1. OK, this post not only made my day, it made my Christmas! I'm glad she liked them. I can't wait to come see you all!

    Aunt Jo-Jo