Wednesday, November 26, 2008

26. Walking

I'm thankful I'm in a routine of walking most weekday mornings with Jaclyn, Luke + Norah. And now that the temperatures have dropped, I'm thankful we can walk inside at Murray State's basketball arena.

And, yes, I like my tennis shoes. This is the third pair just like this (all gray, but with different accent colors ...) I've had. I used to try different ones, but I decided that was silly. Now I just order the same pair when they need replacing.

Oh, and Cate likes walking too. Although she really gets to ride on our morning walks. When we go into stores or run other errands, she likes to hold my hand + walk in because she knows she's getting to be a big girl.


  1. MY tennis shoes are almost identical to yours! They are my second pair just the same. :)