Saturday, November 22, 2008

22. Sports

(The picture is from today's Murray State vs. Tennessee State football game, which the Racers surprisingly won. Yes, it was a cold afternoon, but we bundled up + had fun. Then yesterday evening we watched the Racers beat -- by 27 points! -- Western Kentucky!)

"What would you do if I didn't like sports?" That's a question I've asked Greg several times.

He always answers: "We wouldn't have dated as long as we did or have gotten married."

And, really, it's true. My favorite thing about my relationship with Greg has always been (since we met in February 1998 ...) that we're friends first. We have fun together. We enjoy being together. One of the things we like to do together is go to sporting events, particularly Murray State football + basketball, Cardinals baseball and Kentucky football + basketball. We've also been to several Tennessee Titans games, although not the past couple of seasons.

Add to the equation Cate, and we still enjoy going to these games together. Now we have added entertainment because Cate loves to cheer (and eat popcorn).

I know many of you are thinking: You're only talking sports here, Kristin. Yes, I am. And it all certainly falls into the entertainment category, but it's a common interest that helps Greg + I (and now Cate!) enjoy being together.

I'm thankful for the way we enjoy each other + the things we do together.


  1. I'm thankful too. I love going to the games with you. It's like watching my boys all over again. Cate get's so excited and it's even educational. R...A...C...E...R...S. Go.....Racers!!!!

  2. Brad and I are the same way. We would have never made it, if I didn't know as much,(if not more) about sports as he does. It keeps us doing things that we enjoy.