Friday, November 21, 2008

21. Sudoku

I hadn't played Sudoku until a few months ago. Since then, I usually have a book of puzzles pretty handy. I've mastered the medium level ones, and have completed several hard ones. (You know, those magazine-like game books that have three different difficulties and usually some extra challenges ...)

I've always liked puzzles (logic problems, crosswords, etc. ...), so I'm glad I took the time to figure this out. It's keeps my mind active without being overwhelming.


  1. i know this is probably a silly thing to say, but your handwriting is so familiar to me it's almost comforting, like stretching your toes out under a blanket without your socks on because you know the blanket is warm. i love you :)

  2. You and Dustin. Those mind games just frustrate me! Um, maybe it's cause i suck at them! ;)