Wednesday, November 19, 2008

19. Dishwasher

I realize it's just a little machine squeezed among the cabinets + counter in the kitchen, but after not having one for the first 4 1/2 years we lived in this house this little machine is my friend. In January, we (well, we isn't really accurate ... more like THEY!) renovated most of the kitchen, which was finished this summer when the new floor was put down. Anyway, the renovation included a dishwasher! It is really handy to put dishes in there + then let the little machine wash them once all the racks are full. Much better than filling the sink with plates, forks, cups + whatever else needs personal attention.

I'm telling you, these little conveniences are worth being thankful for!

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  1. MAN!! That was going to be one of mine for Dec !! (Not to mention many of the others you have already taken.) It will be hard to do this after you. LOL! I am going to try Ali's December Dialy mini album so it will kind of be the same theme but maybe a bit different, just know that some of these ideas you had were mine too and I didn't just copy!! LOL!!