Sunday, October 5, 2008

Welcome, October!

I'm so glad it's October! I love so many things about October ...

... leaving changing colors.
... roasting marshmallows for s'mores.
... bonfires.
... T-shirts during the day; sweaters in the evening.
... watching football.
... transitioning from summer to fall.
... anticipating the coming holiday season.
... sleeping with enough windows open that it's chilly outside the covers.
... new TV shows.

We kicked off October with Hazel Day, an annual community celebration in this little town south of Murray, on the Tennessee border, but still in Kentucky. It's your typical small-town festival: a parade with lots of tractors, fried food (including Twinkees and pies), barbecue, random booths, a little political speaking and lots of socializing.

Not counting the Christmas parade that I keep trying to forget, this was Cate's first parade. She also enjoyed her first sucker.

Even after the sucker was gone -- not because she actually finished it all, but because she stuck it in her hair and I wasn't about to pick off every strand of hair that was then stuck to the sucker -- she was into the parade!

And she liked the socializing and meandering part too ...

We also celebrated October with a bonfire with some friends. There are more pictures of our weekend here.


  1. She has gotten so big! I love her purple beads.

  2. We must have the same girls have that shirt form Old Navy Cate is wearing....actually we have one in blue flowers and one in pink flowers! Seems like they have the same bathing suits too!