Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Holly

I didn't specify the short-hand "U" on Holly's cake, but I guess that's just what I get for not specifying all words should be spelled out from a 16-year-old who probably thinks all the world prefers texting shortcuts. Anyway, last night was Holly's last regular small group meeting with our friends from church, so I provided the best dessert in Murray -- a Dairy Queen ice cream cake!

We love how Holly loves our kids ...

Cate is a tad obsessed with Norah's pacifier these days. She likes to put it in and take it out ... of Norah's mouth, which is better than her own!

Cate had enough partying. She was ready for bed.

So then Holly + Katie stayed and played cards. Greg + Katie each one a game of Hearts and Katie + I won Spades. The spontaneous card games were a great end to the night.

Holly took this self-portrait of us. And she documented our night quite well here.

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  1. THe pic of the two of you is too cute.

    Love the video of Cate too.