Sunday, August 17, 2008

For Holly

So my friend Holly is moving. To New Mexico. Yes, it's sad.

I should let you know that she'll be four hours from her mom and her two brothers and sister than live at home and the new job she's taking will be a promotion. So, like me, you should be happy for her!

But, still ... I'll miss her. Holly became a fast friend after she started working at the Ledger & Times when I decided to stay home with Cate. That means we've known each other a little less than a year. But it seems like I've known her longer. We have no trouble talking. She makes me laugh. And she loves Cate. She likes to play games and hang out at the lake, so that's how we've spent time socializing with our friends this summer.

And that's how we celebrated Holly. She's moving across the country next weekend, so we had to play this weekend. We had Game Night on Friday and then went to Lake Barkley for Saturday afternoon/evening. (And, yes, we got to tube again!)

There are more pictures here.

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  1. Ahhh...this makes me feel better this morning! When I walked in the front door at home this morning, I was so overwhelmed with everything but after reading this, I'm reminded I have support and the love from friends who, when I'd asked for friends, I couldn't have asked for the amount of blessing I've received from knowing you and your family.

    I'm also very glad we have the Internet!