Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Cate has moved beyond "taking steps" and is now "walking." The quotes are necessary because while she has gone beyond taking just a few steps, she still is awfully fond on having one finger. Now, I knew I'd miss her first real walking adventure because she has a stubborn streak and I just knew she'd be sneaky about it! :) And, sure enough, my friend Katie (OK, so I have a lot of friends named Katie ...) was watching her today. Well, Katie was carrying her daughter Evalyn and Cate apparently decided it was time to walk ... and she followed Katie. And Evalyn. Cate is rather fond of Evalyn, and apparently fixing her hair, which is what she did at Katie's house today when she wasn't walking or eating ramen noodles.

Anyway, back to "walking" ...

So Cate will crawl over to me and put her hand in the air and said "walk." I oblige usually, but today, after learning Cate really can walk with my one finger holding her up, I challenged her to really walk. Without my finger. And she did. Enough steps that I didn't think counting them was necessary.

She showed off her new skill briefly when we were at Adam + Jamie's house tonight too. Briefly. I just don't think she's always into putting on shows. I'd say that's a good thing in the big picture. Shows have their moments.

Yes, I realize walking is a talent that probably is better documented on video. But you know me and the video camera. (That's Greg's job, really. Although I keep meaning to use the video setting on my Kodak.) So we'll capture it soon, but until then, these picture are all you've got ...

She sees the camera ...

... but she keeps walking.


  1. How cute!
    You know, I just started using the video setting on my camera and it's actually really cool. I've downloaded a couple videos and put them on my blog. And I can take really long videos on mine - I'm not sure exactly how long but long enough for me to get tired of video-taping. :)

    Speaking of video-taping, we still need to show you guys the video from the round-up. It's really, very, very funny - although before we show it to you, we'll watch it again just to make sure it is funny. Maybe I'll have Katie bring it Friday night 'cuz Daniel and Kayla haven't seen it either yet and it's something everyone might enjoy.