Thursday, July 10, 2008

Visiting with friends

We had a good visit with an old friend of mine yesterday. Bekah and I have been friends since middle school. Her husband, Barrett, had to teach a class at Murray State, so she and her two kids came down to hang out with Cate and me. And, you know, it's not often my Oldham County/Louisville friends get to visit me in Murray!

Cate was slightly jealous with Greg was holding Case, so Greg had to hold them both. Case is the April Fools' Day baby that surprised Bekah by being a boy!

Cate and Ila (who is 2 years old) had a great time playing together. Cate had so much to say to her, so hopefully Ila could understand 14-month-old gibberish!


  1. It looks like Ila's giving Cate the stare-down over that cup. But she is really cute.

  2. I so wish i could have been there too!