Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lake Day!

I was craving some time at the lake, and the rain held off for me yesterday. We spent a couple hours at a place off Lake Barkley in the late morning/early afternoon. I even have some reddish arms to prove it! Cate loved being in the water, too. I'm glad I have Holly has a friend. Not only can we talk for hours (literally), but she loves being at the lake as much as I do.

Cate wanted Evalyn in the float with her! Sweet gesture, despite being unrealistic.

There was much splashing around. Cate particularly liked it when Greg and I tossed her back and forth.

That's Cate making her motor sound!

Evalyn (Holly's niece) loved being in the water.


  1. How cute! Um, so yesterday I thought Katie put sunscreen on Evalyn but she hadn't and I didn't do it when we got there. So poor Ev is a little red. I felt really bad. Katie said she's been keeping a lot of lotion on it today but it doesn't seem to bother her too badly. I know I got some sun!

  2. Very fun. I wish we were that close to a lake. We have a pond in our neighborhood. Uh, not the same though!