Sunday, June 29, 2008

One Cate, Two Kate

There are people, scents and sounds that will always make me feel at home, regardless of where I really am. Katie is one of those people. She is home to me. Our friendship has spanned awkward teenage years, falling in love for the first time, having broken hearts, making decisions, eating more Hometown Pizza and drinking more Dr Pepper than probably ever was actually necessary, laughing at nothing, crying at anything, talking about nothing and everything at the same time, living next door to each other, living hundreds of miles away from each other but managing to grow closer, making really terrible fruit smoothie drinks, getting married one year apart on the same weekend, sending each other cards on birthdays and for no reason, visiting each other's homes and now having babies. Well, almost, her little guy is expected at the end of August.

Katie is home for me because I can sit really close to her on the couch and never feel like my space is crowded. We can talk everyday and have more than enough to say. Or we can talk every few weeks and feel like we just talked yesterday. She senses when I need to be encouraged, even from the other end of the state. She knows all my faults and loves me that much more.

So, enough about us, and on to Baby Boy, and the family shower yesterday. Well, family and me. That pretty much sums up our friendship. She's like family to me too.

Everyone, including Cate, was impressed with the "Wee Block." You know baby boys, and their tendencies to pee just as the diaper comes off!

Cate helped Katie, and proceeded to check out all the gifts, especially the toys ...

Cate also came away with several new friends.

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  1. I love it! It looks like you all had a lot of fun. And you're right--she's adorable preggo!