Friday, May 30, 2008

More water toys!

I introduced Cate to her new (actually, a hand-me-down from Luke) pool after lunch. I don't know if the water was too cold or if she just wasn't in the mood. But she enjoyed her float in the big pool this weekend much more than the other water toy, so I thought she might like the little pool in her own backyard ...

She definitely enjoyed the pool toys Milla picked out for her. When my mom asked Milla what kind of toys Cate needs for the pool she said measuring cups and bowls. So that's what Cate got for her birthday, plus a boat with sea animals that she's fond of in the bath tub.

Cate makes anything into a phone these days. She's probably calling someone to rescue her from her mom who keeps putting her in strange water toys! Notice she is close to the pool, though!

My feet, probably the painted toe nails, enticed her to at least play in the pool without actually being IN the pool.

She splashed some ...

... and considered getting in. But not quite yet.

Maybe we'll try again after her nap.

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