Wednesday, May 28, 2008

an extra-long weekend

Our Memorial Day weekend was spread over an even longer weekend. We packed the time with one thing after another, so I'll just give you a run down...

FRIDAY: Holly, Katie and Lucas came over to play cards. Greg and I had been wanting to play cards so we're glad we found friends to oblige our game craving. Katie taught us a new rule in Hearts: If you get 100 points exactly, instead of going out, you go back to zero. I promptly took advantage, even though it wasn't planned, and ended up winning!

SATURDAY: I worked at Greg's office for a little while to accomplish the one serious thing that had to be done. Then we went to pick out tile at Lowe's so some guys can tile our kitchen while we're in Hilton Head. We had lunch at Dwain's and then went to Camee's (Greg's cousin) high school graduation party. Our small group from church was in charge of dinner for the church retreat that evening, so we went out to the lake for that and some of the festivities.

As you can see, Cate enjoyed some pre-lunch popcorn at Dwain's.

SUNDAY: We started the day with meeting some out-of-town friends at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, then we headed back out to the lake because our church's service was out there. We had lunch there, and then we headed over to where Peggy and Gary were camping. We swam, ate hot dogs and just hung out. That evening Greg and I went on a sunset canoe trip with John and Christine. (Pictures from that will come later because I used a disposable camera I had. I didn't want to risk water damage or anything else to my real camera.)

It was really Cate's first time swimming because last summer she was so small and just got dipped in the water a few times. This summer she's so much more aware and has great reactions to things.

Elijah "borrowed" (without really asking) this turtle from another family. They didn't seem to mind, which was good because he really enjoyed it!

Cate likes to read ANYTHING, even my upside-down book!

MONDAY: We were planning to spend several hours at the camp site (more swimming and sun) before heading to Louisville to visit my grandpa who was in town from Atlanta, but the storms changed our plans a little. We left for Louisville that morning (after we all slept in until 8:30!) and got there for a late lunch. Then we did some shopping at Kohl's and Target before having Outback for dinner! Unlike our last couple out-of-town trips, Cate slept wonderfully that night, so I'm having hope in that department for our beach vacation that is coming up.

TUESDAY: Greg is looking to buy 10 duplexes in Clarksville, Indiana, so we went to look at those and have lunch with his realtor friend and his wife. Grandma enjoyed some time with Cate while we were gone. Then we spent the later part of the afternoon at my aunt and uncle's house, where my grandpa was staying. My cousin's baby, who is 6 months old, weighs as much as Cate! It was good to see that part of my family, with whom I just don't get enough time.

We worked on teaching Cate to say "dog" and "duck" while we were in Louisville. She had been saying "du-ct" for both of them. It's good when you have object lessons ...

That is Cate with Bailey.

Then, strangely enough, even though my mom lives in the city, she has two ducks who have taken up residence in her bushes while they wait for their 11 eggs to hatch. It's hard to see in the top photo, but that's the mama duck sitting on the eggs. Then I snapped a picture (below) when she momentarily left them.

Milla enjoyed some corn hole yesterday afternoon. As you can see, she'd been working up a sweat!


  1. Wow! Jam-packed is right!

    Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Looks like you were lots of different places doing lots of different things!! Fun. Why didn't you swing up to PA as part of your tour?