Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday

Although not necessarily in celebration of Good Friday, we had a cook out with some family yesterday. And, let me tell you, the kabobs Greg's cousin Serenity prepared were tasty, especially because I'd actually been wanting some beef and veggie kabobs! (Kabobs really is a strange word ...)

I didn't realize Greg and his cousins were into croquet. OK, so maybe "in to croquet" is a bit dramatic. Even so, they knew how to play. And were competitive about it. But, of course, they're competitive about most things.

Cate even cheered with cousin Zori ...

while Elijah and Ethne cheesed!

Although slightly more entertaining than being a spectator at a family croquet game was watching Cate decided whether she should touch the grass. I sat her down, wanting to see if she'd crawl. Well, she tried crawling on her elbows once, but then she spent her time inspecting the grass.

Um, not so sure ...

While looking at her grandma, I'm pretty sure Cate was thinking, "Are you sure you won't pick me up?"

No luck. So she went back to trying to figure things out.

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