Friday, February 29, 2008


This is the first page of the adoption book I'm making for Cate. I'll try to post some more pages, but out of respect for the birth mother, most of the pages are more private because they include information about her or her boyfriend. But I'll share what I can.

This is a different kind of project for me for many reasons ...

Usually I just make albums of pictures for anyone's viewing pleasure, but this book is especially made for Cate. It's something she can have that tells her story.

And it has a lot of information in. There are some pictures. But lots of words.

It goes beyond the hobby of scrapbooking at this point and is a collection of words, pictures and thoughts that try to capture the blessing of Cate's adoption. It's a different kind of project because it is very close to my heart. And I want it to be something she treasures.


  1. the cover is beautiful! i'm sure she'll treasure it.

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous and what a great idea. I love stuff like that.