Friday, November 9, 2007

baby shoes

Cate wore shoes (these shoes) for the first time today.

Some of you are probably thinking ... Gosh, Kristin, she's six months old and you're JUST NOW putting shoes on the girl.

Then others of you are probably thinking ... Goodness, Kristin, she's only six months old. Why are you putting shoes on her?

Well, first, it was a hot summer. Why would I put shoes (or socks for that matter) on her? So the weather is cooling off, and socks seem necessary. And, well, Cate likes to pull her socks off. I think it's the challenge. And then once she has them off, she decides they are good to chew on. These days EVERYTHING* is good to chew on.

So I figured shoes would help keep her socks on, mostly just when we're out in public. Yeah, good idea ... until she realized about 10 minutes into our day that she could push one shoe off with the other foot.

Then there was that sock. Yep, it came off.

But only one.

She hasn't figured out how to get BOTH shoes off yet.

And, hey, the shoes are quite cute. I purchased them at a yard sale this summer for a couple of dollars.

* In addition to socks, Cate especially enjoys chewing on my drinking straws. Hey, at least she knows where the straw is supposed to go. She also enjoys reaching for cell phones and remote controls. Are children just programmed (ha, PROGRAMMED ...) for things with buttons?!


  1. Just 2 bucks? You got yourself a great deal, my friend! they are too cute.

    Oh, and the boys never wore shoes either. I figured, what's the point? But girls? Sometimes, they just need a cute pair of pink shoes. Or little black dress shoes. Or some white shoes that match the froo-froo dress your grandparents bought her... ;)

  2. I STILL can not get over how much she looks like you!! One of my daycare girls has shoes by Pediped and they are super cute, soft shoes but they stay on really well - we have the sock prob too. Another company, Robeez, makes them as well, but I think I prefer the Pediped ones. I'm sooo getting some for my little stink. OH and they run in 6 month sizes so even though they cost a little more she can wear them for a long amount of time. Just an idea... However, if your critter can already kick her shoes off I might suggest duct tape just to be sure... :)