Wednesday, October 10, 2007

wishes and blessings

Today is one of those days I keep thinking, "I wish ..." I follow those dangerous words with something frivolous, pointless, unnecessary and beyond practical. BUT instead of focusing on an immaculate house, closer family, my wishful shopping list or costly home improvements, I want to focus on the blessings of my day.

The weather is beautiful. Like October should be. I'm wearing a new pair of corduroy pants in honor of the so-called cold front that wiped out the heat wave.

The park is a good place for lunch, especially with friends and family. I also ran into a fellow stay-at-home mom who hosts a mom's group that I've attended once and plan on attending again.

Subway makes tasty pizza.

Cate has been making this cute face by chewing/sucking on her bottom lip. Like a fish face.

I love my TiVo-wannabe because daytime TV is generally unappealing.

My swing is comfy, especially with a good book.

What has been a blessing in your day?


  1. oh, what a good idea. I'll do one. Check my blog later.

  2. I saw or talked to all three of my children and their spouses today and everyone is happy and healthy. I love seeing my family maturing and am so interested in what is going on in their life. God is Good.