Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trading complaints for blessings

I complain too much. No doubt. I've been trying to think of the blessings around me when circumstances make me want to complain.

THEN ... this morning while watching "Today" I learned about A Complaint Free World. The goal, which started with a challenge from Rev. Will Bowen to his congregation at Christ Church Unity in Kansas City, Mo., is to go 21 straight days without complaining. People have had to start over with their counts. And with each complaint, a purple bracelet moves to the other wrist.

Visual reminders help me. I'm sure I'll have to start over, but I'm going to try. And if nothing else, maybe I can learn to complain less. I ordered some bracelets tonight because, as the Web site says, "Scientists believe it takes 21 days to form a new habit and complaining is habitual for most of us. ... The purple bracelet is a powerful tool to remind you of how well you are creating your life with positive intention."

1 comment:

  1. I whine too much. Is that the same as complaining? :) I like the idea of trying to not think that way and the purple bracelets. I didn't check out the website you referenced, but I have a hair band that is red that I am going to put on my wrist and see if I can make it 21 days.
    BTW: vet school is kicking my butt, but I'm loving every minute of it! I have to read all my buddy's blogs about once a week now (if I am lucky) and I don't get to comment as much, but wanted to let you know that I still love keeping up with Cate and everything y'all are up to!!
    L, L