Friday, October 5, 2007

Ladies Man

This is Luke, he's almost 18 months old. He loves trucks and has beautiful curls. When this picture was taken last night, he had just finished giving Cate, whom he affectionately calls "Date," a "hug," which involves laying his mess of hair on her. She's gotten to where she grabs it.

Our friend Kelly has "fake" relatives. In college, she'd be talking about Aunt So-and-So and we'd ask about that family, and she'd respond, "Oh, she's not really my aunt." Like family friends, if you will.

That's Luke. His parents Jaclyn and Bryan are our closest friends here. We all went to college together, and we're thankful that we're all still here together. (Well, you know, we came back after a couple years elsewhere. But now we're all here.) So Cate has Aunt Jaclyn, Uncle Bryan and Cousin Luke.

Luke is so sweet with Cate. That K-sound at the beginning of her name just stumps him. When she cries, he looks over like he's checking on her. When Jaclyn and I walk, he sometimes looks at Cate and talks. Who knows what he's telling her, but these days it's safe to assume it involves a ball or a truck. He gives her many "hugs" in a row and will return her toys to her after he takes them.

I'm thankful "Date" will have a surrogate big brother in Luke.

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