Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The survey says ...

So I'm going to take an informal survey.

You see, recently I've learned my blog readership is larger than I often think it is. That doesn't take much because 10 regular readers is more than I really consider as I'm rambling. But if I stop to think about it, I realize I know I have some regular readers who have been with me from the beginning. OK, well, at least one. Ryan. I think. Then I know I have some new readers. Like Teaque. (I can't decide if her link goes on my sidebar under "people i know ..." or "... strangers." I've met her once and she's one of my friend's friends.) I know a few childhood friends check in. (This is where I would link Katie Kerns, but she seems to lose her blog on her move back to Lexington from Boston.) And I believe Katy keeps up with Cate's progress, but probably mostly because she has a daughter who is like 20 days younger. Oh, and, I know my mother-in-law reads. (Who can blame her? Those pictures suck her in on a regular basis!)

So, anyway, I realized not everyone who reads this knows me from my days as the shy principal's daughter in elementary school, the fellow former amusement park employee or the girl who walked and talked as our commitment to exercise.

Here's some random facts about me:

I don't usually like leftovers. Call me snobby. Whatever. But a couple exceptions (there are a small handful ...) are taco soup and baked ziti. Those also happen to be two dishes I don't mind making. I say making because I'm not sure it qualifies as cooking.

I love game shows. Always have. And always more than cartoons. Even as a kid. Conveniently, Cate often wants to eat during the 2 o'clock hour. And that's when "Family Feud" is on.

I swore I'd never live in Murray after I graduated from college. Loved college here. But I told myself (and most anyone around me) that I had enough and needed the city again. Louisville. Lexington. Wherever. Now I never see myself leaving. I feel settled.

Adoption was the best decision Greg and I have ever made. Well, getting married was up there and without the adoption wouldn't really be logical, but, you get my point. I have absolutely no doubt Cate is our family and God intended it that way.

I usually don't use nicknames. Pretty much one friend has one nickname for me. I tend to think people were given their names with some sort of purpose (even just because their mom liked how it sounded/looked when flipping through a baby book ...). And who am I to change it? Ironically, my name has no meaning beyond Mom liking it. But, hey, she chose it over Jennifer and Kristy, which not all moms in 1979 didn't do.

OK, I told myself five things. See, there I go making rules and goals for myself ... Oh, the things you can learn on a blog.

Now, on to this survey I was talking about ...

You who is reading ... Yes, you, the lurker who I might know but I don't know you're reading. Yes, you, my high school friend who I chatted with for the first time in 10 years at the reunion last month. Yes, you ... Leave a comment with one random fact about yourself. And if leaving a comment is too public for you, then e-mail me.

Oh, and I should add, if leaving your name with your personal tidbit also is too public, just say enough that I will know who you are!


  1. You crack me up Kristen! OK I am the terrible "time" forgetting friend that misses our trips to eat at Quizno's. I miss seeing you but myself, right now, is having to concentrate on adoption details too and spending every moment calling, emailing, faxing and traveling! (On and on and on). SHE IS PERFECT and blessed to have you as you are to have her! Miss ya and I do read your blog and sometimes curious where to even start on how to explain myself! Talk with you soon~ guess who!

  2. You know more about me than anyone should know about anyone because you read my prayer-journal-blog (and I might have to stop letting you link my blog if there really are a lot of lurkers out there reading mine too!)

    But OK, so maybe there are lots of things you don't know about me even if you are already getting familiar with my soul. Things like:
    I own maybe 7 pairs of shoes, but only the tennis shoes (my daily footwear), and black flip flops get worn 99.9% of the time.
    I really do not like dresses and only occasionally am in the mood to wear skirts, partly because I hate wearing uncomfortable shoes and/or buying uncomfortable shoes just to "go with" the outfit.
    I prefer non-fiction (Christian) books to fiction literature.
    I could spend days in a bookstore, reading beautiful brand new books.
    I LOVE the smell of the Shoe Carnival, new cars, new houses, permanent markers, my husband, my children, lily of the valley, and clean laundry Yankee Candles.
    I am an introvert by nature (being with people drains me of energy), but I have intentionally prioritized serving and loving others because of my faith.
    And I am utterly unable to stop at just a short sentence when asked a personal question, and have to physically restrain myself from answering every question posed to a group I am part of (Sunday school class, blog polls, etc).

  3. Hey - we can say friends... I think we know enough about each other to say that.. :) 1 random fact: my biggest regret in life (so far, hope it stays that way) is not doing a semester abroad in college!

    oh and I too can not stand left overs and my husband calls me a food snob and the game shows all the way baby... I was addicted to Price is Right for ever!

  4. one thing you might not know about me...hmm. you probably know more about me than i actually know ( because of jac ). growing up I always watched Nick at Night with my grandma. I loved watching Get Smart and Green Acres.

  5. I think you still know way more about me than many of the people who know me now, due to our daily hanging out as youngsters, playing games (may have something to do with both of us now being totally into game shows and games in general)!

  6. You know, it's funny -- I recently added a hit tracker to my blog and discovered it has a much larger readership than I thought, too. For example, there's someone whose ISP shows them as being in "Cherry Hill, NJ" who reads regularly...but I have no idea who that could be. Kind of strange, huh, especially since I thought it was just something a few friends sometimes check and that my MIL read religiously. So I wanted to stop in and say hello, I am one of those "regular" readers, I guess -- I check in pretty much whenever I post on my blog. And I love keeping up with Cate's progress and reading your thoughts. You've always been a very calm, comforting personality to me, and I get that same feeling when I stop by here. :)