Monday, August 6, 2007

my little sister ... the bride

My sister looked beautiful Saturday. This picture surely doesn't fully capture it. But I have to say, I had a lot of things to do as matron of honor and the glue that holds the Hill family together in stressful situations, so I left the picture-taking up to the professional. His shots will capture the beauty of the bride, the groom's love for her and the Catholic church as well as some celebrating after the ceremony.

First things first. We really like Zac. He's a great balance for Cassie and he's easy to get along with. He's been with vacation on my family, stayed at my house for the weekend with most of my family, spent many weekends in Louisville since my parents' idea to down-size into a townhouse and eaten out many times after Austin Peay soccer games with my mom, Greg and me. Needless to say, he knows my family and we know him. I'm glad he's officially part of the family now.

So Mom and I ran some errands, Cassie and I got manicures and pedicures by a couple of Asians who seemed to enjoy talking about us in their own language, Greg hung crepe balls above the dance floor, I gave directions to Zac's family and other out-of-towners, I (along with the other seven bridesmaids) got my hair done, I read some verses from Genesis, Greg read some verses from Second Corinthians, I kept Cassie or Zac from stepping on her really long veil after my dad accidentally had his foot on it as Cassie walked up the alter with Zac at the beginning of the ceremony, we drove them to the reception, Greg set up the laptop so all 275 of so guests could see the slide-show presentation I made about Zac and Cassie growing, I gave an impromptu toast along with the best man and two other bridesmaids, I carried gifts to my car, I then moved the gifts to my mom's car the next morning ...

Once my mom turned to me and said, "It's a damn good thing you are here." In the Hill family, I take that as a compliment.

Most of all, I really rejoiced in knowing my sister is marrying a great guy who is going to take care of her and be a welcomed addition to my family. And it was fun to celebrate that in the same weekend I celebrated my fifth anniversary.

Side note: Katie sang beautifully during the ceremony and I loved seeing her this weekend. But as always it wasn't enough time with her.

That's us with our husbands. I think we hugged at least 12 times while posing for two pictures.

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  1. I absolutely love this shot of you two! Shows the enthusiastic love you have for each other that has just endured and grown all these years!