Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Family Entertainment

This weekend there was much ...

... dancing,

... jumping,

... and cheesing.

And it pretty much just wore Cate out.

But when she was awake, she spent much time chewing. And Milla make sure she wasn't alone. (Notice Curious George and Secretariat.)

And then the next day there was more ...

... interacting really closely.

And that wore Cate out too.

Seriously, this was much of the weekend. When Milla was dancing and running and jumping and riding her big wheel on our walk, Cate was sleeping in the stroller. Between all of this fun, I got to visit with Jodi, although I am completely at terms with the fact my friends like to visit Cate more at this point!

I also went to my high school reunion (A newspaper column on this will follow in the coming days.) and threw Cassie a bridal shower. No, I don't have pictures of any of those things. They aren't quite as entertaining as Milla and Cate. Although, you know, I laughed really hard at my sister's shower.

Sometimes I wonder if she's old enough to get married.

Then I realize she is marrying Zac at the same age that I married Greg five years ago. OK, so they're really OK. In fact, we (being the family ...) even like Zac. Yes, there will be pictures (by me and a professional) from their wedding, which is in like a week and a half.

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