Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A piece of candy for your thoughts?

I have determined based on an analysis of Greg and myself that how people eat hard candy explains much about their personality. I should add a disclaimer that I came to this deep revelation while my blood sugar was lower than it needed to be and I was feeling a bit dizzy.

I'll take you through my process of eating an orange mint Lifesaver. (SIDE NOTE: Have you had these? They are amazing. Seriously.)

I almost immediately bite down on it, and then I wonder why I'm wasting this delicious piece of candy by chewing it. INTERPRETATION: I tend to react quickly, sometimes too quickly.

So good thing I still have a couple small piece left in my mouth. INTERPRETATION: I recognize I can change, and there's plenty of room for improvement.

I eat these last pieces slower. INTERPRETATION: I try to change.

Then the next couple pieces, I continue with slower. INTERPRETATION: I still work toward changing.

Eventually I'll crunch down again. INTERPRETATION: I react emotionally again -- not because I don't care, but because there's just some stubborness, competitiveness, independence in me that is rooted deeply in who I am.

Meanwhile, Greg eats one piece at a time, each very slowly. INTREPRETATION: He's much more patient and laid-back than I am. And for that I'm very thankful. Hopefully the best parts of each of us will continue to rub off on one another.

And there's usually a few pieces of candy (perhaps Cinnamon Discs or Wint-O-Green mints -- you know, the ones that spark when you crunch on them in a dark room! -- instead) sitting around our house. INTREPRETATION: Grace is a good thing.


  1. i will suck on a piece of candy for as long as i can until i accidently break it. does that fit with my personality?

  2. Yes, you go with the flow unless something unexpected happens. :)

  3. I like to suck on candy, aiding its decomposition by rubbing it across my tongue, or using other not-so-gentle methods. I also like it when holes develop that help break it down even quicker. Anything I can do to get to the end without actually biting. This is probably quite a bit like slow torture for the candy, but I don't feel too bad about it.

    So my interpretation is that I like to get to the deeper core/meaning of things as fast as I possibly can without totally mutilating the person or thing I'm studying/relating to. I think probably sometimes people do feel slowly tortured, though... The good thing is that I'm getting better at gentler methods, and I never spit anyone out. Cultivating friendships and loving people is a lot more fun and less stressful than it used to be! yay! And now I am actually able to enjoy the process of learning, growing, and getting closer.