Sunday, March 25, 2007

516 miles, a nursery and a beautiful niece

The theme of the weekend would definitely be babies.

On Friday, I drove 516 miles, mostly to hear the baby's heartbeat. Everything is going well there. The closer and more real this adoption becomes the more excited I get.

Then Greg and I spent a lot of time this weekend working on the baby room. This, of course, after the "professionals" drywalled (the situation was like this ...), constructed new baseboard trim and painted. The walls are painted mint ice cream, the crib is put together, the dresser/changer is put together, a few sleepers and other tiny clothes are ready for her to wear, an adorable butterfly rug is laid on the beautiful hardwood floor (which has been covered by carpet until recently), a ceiling fan is installed ...

Pictures to come when it's complete. (How's that for a tease?!)

Then we spent some time with niece Ethne, nephew Elijah and sister-in-law Angela. Ethne and I bonded over a couple of meals and then gazed at the stars and "the moon up so high."

Greg stole a couple minutes with the precious 18-month-old, which was good because I needed a picture! I'm going to have to inspire him to take some snapshots once Cate arrives.

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