Wednesday, March 14, 2007

opening, swirling, passing, wearing, crashing

Spring is here. The question is whether it will stay.

We had our windows opened and ceiling fans on last night. The sounds of cars passing is strangely soothing.

The storm last night even made me glad spring is trying to push aside winter. Mother Nature's crashing and banging was welcomed background noise.

But the real news: I wore a white pair of pants yesterday and I didn't get anything on them. Call it a personal victory because I notoriously drop a drip of ketchup or a glob of salsa on my lap. I actually was going to wear the pants (which, by the way, with the identical pair I have in yellow are quickly becoming my favorite pants) on Monday, but I knew Jaclyn and I were going to have lunch at Pizza Hut. That was just asking for a mess, so I patiently waited until Tuesday.

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