Monday, March 12, 2007

483.7 miles

Random thoughts from my quick trip from Murray to Louisville and back in 34 hours ...

Baby Cate has a crib on the way and a black dresser at her grandma's house that should arrive in Murray at least by Easter. I thought I had her another changing table/dresser combo thing, but apparently the Babies R Us warehouse is out of the one I want. I hesitated to commit to that specific piece only to be disappointed. (Yes, definitely a minor disappointment.) Still, I made progress this weekend with the furniture for her room, which is under renovation as we speak. The drywall guys are scheduled to get started today, which means I need to go to Lowe's and pick out a paint color.


I tuned into EPSN radion to hear about the NCAA Tournament bracket. It's just as good as watching CBS' program really. I guess the team reactions are better on TV, otherwise, analysis is analysis and the guys on ESPN are probably funnier. Anyway, so before the bracket unveiling, Doug Gottlieb talked about an epiphany he had earlier that day: The college basketball season is like Christianity because no team is perfect and even when they mess up, they keep playing, they get another chance to get into heaven. Heaven in this case heaven is the tournament. But then he compared the tournament selection committee to Moronism, which believes in levels of heaven. In other words, these teams' season are judged and then they are placed accordingly in basketball heaven.

Appropriately Gottlieb's epiphany came on a Sunday. THE SUNDAY in college basketball.


I ate almost a whole box of Tagalongs. Almost. I knew I shouldn't have bought that box from the Girl Scouts set up in front of Borders. I'm pretty weak when it comes to peanut butter and chocolate.

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