Friday, July 15, 2016

Created by the Creator to Create

When I saw the Five Minute Friday prompt, I really wasn't sure where my words would take me. I did look up the word "create" in a dictionary just to give my mind some extra prompting. (It's been a busy-crazy-good week, people!) So, here we go, five minutes of writing on one word. Join us at Kate Motaung's place

Ready, set, go ... 

I create things all day long, but I wouldn’t always consider myself creative. I create meals and routines and memories. I like to create scrapbook pages and pictures with my words. I encourage my boy to create things from Legos. My girl creates by sewing and drawing and playing her keyboard.

To create is to bring something into existence or to cause something to happen as the result of one’s action.

That definition reminds me to create is to influence. That’s powerful. As a mom, I create what my kids will remember as their childhood. I create a home and a foundation for some many other experiences they’ll have. My husband and I create our marriage and in turn a legacy to pass to our kids.

And the foundation of it all is the fact we believe in and serve the Creator. We were created by the Creator in His image to create for His glory in whatever we do. {Tweet that.}

That alone makes us creative. So let’s create.

And stop.

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