Friday, June 10, 2016

On wanting & needing things

I wrote this last night on my phone with 5% battery left after Kate revealed the Five Minute Friday prompt. Seems appropriate.

Do you know about Five Minute Friday? Basically, set a timer for five minutes and just write. And then join us at Kate Motaung’s place. You can find us chatting while anticipating the prompt on Thursday evenings on Twitter. Follow #fmfparty for all the goodness.

Now, WANT.

Ready, set, go ...

I have a long list of things I want ...

... to write.
... to visit.
... to do.
... to see.
... to buy.

Literally lists of chores and things I think our new house needs and ideas I have fill pages and my email inbox and my mind.

It’s as overwhelming as it sounds, sometimes. But sometimes I remember life is best enjoyed one project and one page of words and one dream at a time.

And then right there in the midst of living life I realize so many of my dreams are intertwined and separating them isn’t always possible. The big picture is full and beautiful, and the smaller picture of steps and projects and chores and places and products to get there is quite lovely too, really.

Sure, I finally found the white room-darkening curtains I wanted for my kids’ bedrooms online after looking in three stores with three kids.

I’ve got trips and outings plan that I want to have on the calendar.

And I’ve got my favorite season as a back drop.

I find myself looking at my lists and seeing what’s really right in front of me: My family of five that God made. Our {soon} move to 33 acres that’s my husband’s dream that has become mine. Friends who are like family. Friends who share in the everyday-ness of motherhood. Opportunities to serve and play.

So, really, I have everything I need.

{timer buzzing} And stop.

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