Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Make summertime fun!

Susan Shipe and I connected on Twitter after she linked up here for #ThreeWordWednesday. We've since become Facebook friends and partied together several Thursday nights with the #FMFparty crew on Twitter. We obviously love the internet and the way it connects people. 

Susan is a sweet encourager. I'm happy she's sharing here today and encouraging people to embrace summertime fun. And if you need a reminder on what not to do this summer, be sure to download my printable from last week. 

It’s summertime! And, if you’re a regular reader here at Kristin’s you know, she loves summer! So do I.

But, you know there are a lot of people who don’t. I have a best friend who tolerates summer and prefers the coziness of winter. It’s possible I love it as much as Kristin because I grew up in South Florida, where beach is king and summer is 11 months long.

Do you have plans for Summer 2016? Perhaps you’re going on vacation or you and your family are going to do some stay-cationing; whatever your plans, I encourage you to have some fun.

The wisest man who ever lived, Solomon, admonishes us to have fun, enjoy life, enjoy your family, eat well and drink with merriment (don’t overdo it!) and then you will have the perfect balance between leisure and work. Let’s see what the Bible has to say about summertime!


Jesus knew how to have fun. He had twelve best friends and a whole slew of other close friends – they went everywhere together and they loved to eat.

In Mark 2, it is recorded that Jesus and His friends were eating together and there were people of no reputation around the table! In Matthew 9, he ate at Matthew’s home with sinners. And, shame upon shame, Matthew was a tax collector! EGADS! NO ONE ate with the tax collector! In John 21, the resurrected Jesus cooked breakfast for His best friends.

THIS SUMMER? Fellowship around the table with friends and strangers – don’t worry about the menu and potluck is always a success. JUST DO IT!


Ecclesiastes 3 encourages us to laugh! There are times of sorrow and grieving, but I hope your summer is filled with laughter! Luke 15 shares the story of the prodigal son who came home to his family after a long time away. The first order of the day? CELEBRATE! Proverbs 15 reminds us to smile – a happy face is the sign of a cheerful heart!

THIS SUMMER? Buy a silly joke book and laugh! Find something or someone to celebrate and have an impromptu party! How fun to walk around with a smile on your face. Everyone will think you know something they don’t! HAVE FUN!


Psalm 149 instructs us to make music and dance! In doing so we praise our God! Turn up the music and dance, teaching yourself and those around you that dancing is PRAISE! Exodus 15 shows us Moses’ sister, Miriam, and her fellow sojourners making music and dancing in celebration.

THIS SUMMER? Make some homemade musical instruments out of bells, paper plates, oatmeal containers and make music and dance! Older kids? Create an awesome playlist of praise music and have your own praise and worship sessions! That’ll rev up morning devotions! JUST DANCE!


Zechariah 8 describes a city with boys and girls playing in the streets! Okay, okay, don’t let those little ones play in the street, but be sure there’s lots of play time. Wear them out in the morning and enjoy the peace of a long afternoon nap!

THIS SUMMER? Play. If it’s sunny and dry, play outside. If it’s rainy and dreary, get out the old blankets and make forts around the furniture. Take advantage of city parks and hiking trails, have an adventure. JUST PLAY!

When I was a teenager there was a song, "Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy." Make your summer a time for easy and fun. Lighten up. Enjoy the warm temps and the long days – before you know it, you’ll be packing up the summer gear for winter storage. Make these days count. {Tweet that!} HAVE SOME FUN!

Susan Chamberlain Shipe, a writer since the age of 8 when she and her neighborhood friend wrote, edited, published, and distributed The Manor News. Things have changed since publishing with the five and dime stamp lettering set! Today, Susan enjoys blogging, writing short devotions and short stories from her empty-nest home in the Appalachian Mountain Range of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northwestern North Carolina, which she shares with her husband of 30 years, Lowell, and their beloved dog, Sam. Susan can be found musing several times a week at

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