Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Note to Self

I type blog posts and other ideas in my phone notepad while I’m feeding Rachel or waiting for the big kids at the bus stop and then email them to myself. I copy and paste texts into emails because once the notification is gone, I may not remember. I use Post-Its and a paper calendar. I make lists of where I need to go.

“Note to self” is a regular practice around here. (Those before and after photos above are my real where-to-go list from last Wednesday.)

Like I wrote about last week, life is lived in the middle. And, for me, that means life isn’t compartmentalized.

I’m a mom and writer and vacation rental property manager and wife and sister and daughter and aunt and friend and … the list goes on, depending on the day. Sometimes I’m more a chef and less of a chauffeur. I’m the grocery shopper and clothing provider. I do the laundry and dishes and home management schedule. I make appointments and plan outings. And many moments I’m wearing more than one of those hats at time.

Life in the middle overflows from one responsibility and adventure to the next. It’s nearly impossible to separate my roles as I go about my days.

But that’s exactly where God has met me. He’s shown up when I’m frustrated and offered inspiration when I didn’t have any. He’s reminded me of what matters when I’m overwhelmed by the to-do list that can wait.

It’s in the middle where we’re changed and redeemed and pressed but not crushed (2 Corinthians 4:8-10). {Tweet that.}

Jesus lived in the middle. His days on earth were spent in the middle of God’s will, knowing where he’d been and where he was going. He stopped in the middle of his journeys from one town to the next to have conversations and meet people wherever they were. That’s where he encouraged and healed – right next to wells, while people were eating meals, on the roadside, during a wedding reception, and while he hung between two criminals on a cross.

Because Jesus lived – and died – in the middle and then rose again from the grave, we can have life. That’s a note worth writing to myself over and over again.

I’m excited to join Britta Lafont for her Meet Me in the Middle Project during Lent, when I’m going to slow down and notice the pieces of life I bypass in a rush. Find all the details about the Meet Me in the Middle Project here or reference Britta's guest post from earlier this month.

#ThreeWordWednesday friends, I'd love for you join in Meet Me in the Middle by linking up there and here, but the weekly #ThreeWordWednesday link up is open as usual even if you're not participating in this Lenten project. I'm always so glad y'all are here. 

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