Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Taking the Steps {a #ThreeWordWednesday post}

I want to get back to walking regularly. I don’t really love exercising, but I do love clearing my head, catching up with a friend if I’m able to walk with her, and reading a book while I want on the treadmill.

One recent morning, I got on the treadmill with a library book – “The Lake House” by Kate Morton – and started walking. I read a few pages, but combination of the font size and lighting (or lack thereof!) in the room made me strain as I was bouncing from the steps on the treadmill. Note to self: THIS is why I prefer my Kindle while walking on the treadmill.

So I closed the book, scrolled through Facebook and then sorted thoughts in my head. And I realized with each step I took, I wasn’t actually going anywhere. And isn’t that like life sometimes?

I know it’s how I’ve felt this week. I’ve struggled to find a groove – in chores, in errands, in writing – coming off a week that had my kids going to school twice and lots of fun family time. Last week was like an unplanned staycation and I loved every minute of that not going anywhere.

I’ve been in life seasons that had me stuck too. We waited a long time to have a baby the first time and even longer for our third. I’ve waited for healing to come in relationships. And I’ve waited for God to say, “Now.”

We take steps that we hope to move us forward but days and months and maybe even years later we find ourselves in the same place. And, you know, sometimes that’s okay. Sometimes God has us where he wants AND HE WANTS US TO STAY THERE.

Yes, there are times God calls us to go elsewhere.

But many times, being brave means taking the small steps, knowing full well our environment is going to stay the same. Even then, though, we’re not going to be the same because when we take the small steps toward a great big God, we’re changed from the inside out (Romans 12:1-2).

So take those steps, seek God, and be grateful for where you are. {Tweet that.}

Call the friend and invite her in – in your house and into your life. Tell your story – and not necessarily to the masses but to the friend you know needs to hear it. Be willing to teach your kids counter-culture ways, even when that’s hard and goes against “what everyone else is doing.” Eat meals around the table. Play games with your kids.

Right in there in the midst of life, of feeling like you’re taking all the steps but going nowhere, God is working. He’s weaving together these small details of our days into stories. {Tweet that.} And I get the feeling these are the stories we’ll remember when we’re in a different season, wondering how time escaped so quickly and praising God for what he has done.

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