Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas around here

We’re rejoicing there are five stockings hanging from our mantel. And the littlest is official. I would say officially a Taylor but her birth mom named her Rachel Elizabeth Taylor at birth so no name change is necessary.

(I admittedly gave my baby her Christmas present early because the evening it arrived in the mail she wanted to be included while her big brother and sister did their homework. This way she can see be upright taking it all in. And while confessing, I bought myself some initial bracelets from the other day because the deal was fabulous. Yes, I’ve already worn them.)

We have a wild, crazy tree again. None of the heavy ornaments are hanging from the branches because I didn’t want them to fall and shatter. (I realize that picture above has no ornaments on the tree, but they’re there now. It took us another day to get them on and I apparently haven't taken a picture yet!) Speaking of ornaments, we’ve gotten three new ones to celebrate Rachel’s adoption finalization – truly perfect gifts.

And there are some presents under the tree. We’re doing one main present and then stockings with the kids. And remember I told you my husband was hard to buy for? Well, I happened upon some really great items ... and I’ve managed to keep the surprises. I’ve got a couple more small things to get for extended family and am waiting on a few things to arrive in the mail, but I’m basically finished.

(See, I don’t give everything early!)

We’ve had my husband’s office party and have upcoming gatherings with our best friends, Greg’s siblings and their families, and my family. We’re hoping to see a few friends when we are traveling. This week there are Christmas parties at school before the much-anticipated break from our routine.

Even though I’m generally not sleeping through the night yet, we’ve managed to keep some of our favorite traditions: We hosted our annual Jesus Birthday Party, picked out items from the Compassion International gift catalog, and sent out our Christmas letter that reviews the past year.

And what a past year it’s been!

I look at these stockings on our mantel – really the only place decorated other than that corner of the living room with the tree, for the record – and emotions well up in my heart. We are so grateful for what God has done in our family.

How are you celebrating Christmas this year?

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