Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Three Word Wednesday :: My Free Time

“I used to believe that if change would stop finding me – and asking me to change with it – I’d be more content. Now I find contentment in knowing that God is using the change to change me for the better. To change my life for the better. The seasons glow and fade into the next, and the kids sprout and mature into new stages. I can embrace all if it, leaning into the natural order and goodness of it. Leaning into that is leaning into hope that God’s familiar promises come with change and transition. I don’t just hold that promise of blessing in my heart. I live it.”

{Kristen Strong in “Girl Meets Change”}

I thought I’d spend the six or so weeks between my kids going to school and the baby girl we’re adopting being born cleaning, organizing and scrapbooking. At least I thought about how those things would be good use of my free time.

(And by “free time,” I mean time spent at home while kids aren’t home. I can’t remember what boredom is like because there are always chores, errands, books to read, and pictures to scrapbook. Such is the life of a grown-up with hobbies.)

I’m a few weeks into this in-between season. I haven’t cleaned or organized any more than usual, although I did manage to scrapbook twice.

But my free time – I laugh every time I type that – has been well spent. I’ve eaten breakfast with my mother-in-law, taken our birth mom to some doctor’s appointments, worked on lake house management stuff, gotten my hair cut and colored, gone to a couple routine doctor’s appointments of my own, met with Wendy and couple other women who also love Hope That Binds, and lunched with a few women in the midst of their own adoption processes, my mission trip friend Kim, my college friend Amber who graduates in December, and my husband. I’ve written blog posts and read books.

I’m grateful for the way God orchestrated my life so I could have this season – as short as it may be – to take care of some things. Of course, I’m not necessarily taking care of the things I anticipated, but taking care of myself and other people is a worthwhile use of my time.

People have asked me if the baby’s room is ready. I usually say pretty much. The crib is put together and has cute bedding awaiting her. I have some diapers, wipes, burp clothes, blankets and clothes in the closet and drawers. A changing pad has been added back to the dresser that’s been sitting empty for years. I have her name spelled in white, blocked letters above her bed. And my husband and kids touched up some marks on the wall with mint ice cream paint this past weekend.

So, yes, it’s ready. Really, there’s always something else to do – in the baby’s room, in my life, with my calendar, on my to-do list, in my relationships, and around my house. God's goodness does not always come as my perception of productivity. {Tweet that.} Rather his goodness often looks like people and conversations and laughter and prayers.

Soon you’ll hear more about “Girl Meets Change” by Kristen Strong. It’s been such a wise, encouraging companion for this season of many changes in my life. I’m excited to introduce you soon, but you care preorder it now.

I'm also linking up with Mary Carver's Works for Me Wednesday because this in-between season with some extra "free time," really, y'all, I struggle to say that, works for me. 

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