Thursday, August 20, 2015

Shelter Point Retreat

“Brother, let me be your shelter.
I’ll never leave you all alone;
I can be the one you call
when you’re low.

Brother, let me be your fortress
when the night winds are driving on,
be the one to light the way,
bring you home.”

{Needtobreathe in “Brother”}

We want our lake house to be a refuge from the hustle of life. We want to make memories there with our friends. We want to step away from everyday routine and be refreshed. We want to appreciate a different pace.

And we want our lake house to be that for other people.

We had a hard time naming it. Wait, why does a lake house need a name, you ask? I guess it doesn’t have to have a name, but naming it seemed like the thing to do if we were going to invite people to rent it. With names, come identities, so I kept listing words that described what we wanted the lake house to be.

Greg was the one who threw out “shelter.” YES! I knew when he said that “shelter” was part of this house’s identity. I like the dual meaning and the fact I immediately started singing in my head Needtobreathe’s “Brother.” Of course a house is a shelter, literally, but I we want this house to be a figurative shelter – a refuge from the world where people can gather with their loved ones.

So, friends, let us be your shelter.

Shelter Point Retreat is now available to rent. On a point lot, the house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, lots of windows in the kitchen and living room, and a beautiful view of Kentucky Lake. You can find out more about the house, rental rates, and availability at We also have a Facebook page or you can email me. {See pictures of the house here.}

“And when you call and need me near,
Sayin’ where’d you go?
Brother, I'm right here.
And on those days when the sky begins to fall,
You’re the blood of my blood;
we can get through it all.

Brother, let me be your shelter …”

{Needtobreathe in “Brother”}

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