Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Books of 2015, so far ...

I've always been a reader. I often have more than one book started, read cereal boxes and whatever other paper is sitting near, and notice typos in the world around me. I like lists too.

So in the spirit of books and lists, here's a list of the books I've read so far in 2015 ...

  1. "Shoot the Moon" by Billie Letts
  2. "Orphan Train" by Christina Baker Kline
  3. "Sabotaged" (Alaskan Courage Book #5) by Dani Pettrey
  4. "Desire Lines" by Christina Baker Kline
  5. "Bird in Hand" by Christina Baker Kline
  6. "Buried Secrets" (Men of Valor #1) by Irene Hannon {Review}
  7. "Footsteps" by Diann Mills
  8. "Target" (FBI Denver series prequel) by Lisa Phillips
  9. "Bait" (FBI Denver #1) by Lisa Phillips
  10. "The Summer Girls" (Lowcountry Summer #1) by Mary Alice Monroe
  11. "The Summer Wind" (Lowcountry Summer #2) by Mary Alice Monroe
  12. "The Summer's End" (Lowcountry Summer #3) by Mary Alice Monroe

Non-fiction // Christianity

Non-fiction // Relationships
  1. "Team Us" by Ashleigh Slater {Review}
  2. "Mothering from Scratch: Finding the Best Parenting Style for You and Your Family" by Melinda Means & Kathy Helgemo {Review}
  3. "Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy" by Donald Miller
  4. "Nobody's Cuter Than You: A Memoir About the Beauty of Friendship" by Melanie Shankle
  5. "Women Are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends" by Melanie Dale {Related Post}

Non-fiction // Self-care
  1. "The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You" by Jessica Turner {Review}
  2. "Dashing Dish: 100 Simple & Delicious Recipes for Clean Eating" by Katie Farrell {Related Post}

If you want to keep up before I post an updated list in December, you can do that at Goodreads. I also am always accepting suggestions about what I should read next. So, tell me what I need to add to my list!

Other lists of what I've read :: 2014. 2013.

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  1. I think I need to learn how to read at a faster pace. :) So many great books! I'm in the middle of Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist and love it just as much as I did her others. Not sure what will be next on my list. I only have about 100 between what I have on Kindle and in hard copy. lol. Have a beautiful day, friend. xoxo

  2. KristinHillTaylor6/30/2015 6:52 PM

    I liked Bittersweet nearly as much as Bread and Wine. I still need to get her devotional. :) There are so many good books out there - don't pressure yourself to read faster or more. Just enjoy what you get to read. There's always different seasons for that kind of thing. I have lots of choices too, but I still like to add suggestions to my Amazon Wish List, which I do sometimes consult while in the library. I'm always glad to see you here, sweet friend. Love you.

  3. Oh, I love lists like this, Kristin. I have only read a few so have many to look into. Thanks.

  4. KristinHillTaylor7/01/2015 8:59 AM

    Hope you find plenty you enjoy too!

  5. Hello, friend! You know I love book posts. :)

    I've spent several nights this month sitting watch at the hospital with a sick loved one, so I took my Kindle with me and read 2 really fun books:

    Fiction: Dear Mr. Knightley

    Memoir: The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle

    Earlier this year, I read The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner (improvement/self help) and Chasing God by Angie Smith (Christian non-fiction).

    2 great books I've started to read, but haven't finished --- Joni and Ken: An Untold Love Story (Memoir) and Love Idol by Jennifer Dukes Lee (Christian nonfiction)

    I've got a million other half read Christian nonfiction books laying around the house... I usually read a chapter at a time from those, so it takes me a while to finish them... but the goal is to read 12 by the end of the year.

  6. KristinHillTaylor7/12/2015 10:34 AM

    I loved The Antelope in the Living Room. Really, I've loved all of Melanie's books. So funny and insightful! Chasing God is one of my all-time favorites and I loved The Fringe Hours too. Love Idol will forever be such a life-changing book for me. You'll want to finish that one. :) Thanks sharing here - I love talking books too, obviously ... :) xoxo