Friday, June 12, 2015

Seven Things About This Season Called Summer

God’s been teaching me about seasons. I’ve been thinking about the natural ones, the ones associated with weather, and I’m learning to embrace them all. Summer’s still my favorite. But without winter, I may not love summer as much. I also love the anticipation of the new season coming – admitting that is coming along way from avoiding change like I’ve been known to do.

And there are life’s seasons – the ones when the kids grow up before my eyes, the ones with friends, the ones in marriage, the ones with my hobbies and dreams, the ones for which we prepare, and the ones that surprise us.

I wanted to document a little bit about this season in our lives – the one happening as we settle into summer and the one that involves having an 8-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy.

1. This is my ninth summer as a mom – and the first one during which nobody naps and nobody needs a Puddle Jumper at the pool. I’m still getting used to both.

2. This is my sixth summer with two kids. For the first time, they’re on completely different schedules. Ben still goes to bed in the 7 o’clock hour most nights and is up around 6 a.m. (And, yes, even if he stays up later, he’s still usually up at 6 a.m. I don’t understand.) Meanwhile, Cate has been staying up later and sleeping later – like 10 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.

3. My kids aren’t doing all the fun and good camps offered around here – Robotics Camp, Basketball Camp, Young Authors Camp. It started out as a scheduling thing, and then our schedule changed. But I was still glad we weren’t committed to much like that. Cate is taking horse riding lessons – like one every three weeks – and will go to a two-night, three-day church camp later this month.

4. We haven’t gone yet, but I know our upcoming mission trip to Guatemala will mark this summer. I don’t know what God is going to do there, but I know I will want to remember it.

5. We have much going on in our personal lives. I’m building a relationship with our baby’s birth mom. We closed (yesterday!) on a new-to-use lake house. Kentucky Lake quiets my soul and we love spending time there with our friends. Greg’s been busy at work, which has been a blessing for our family but also kept his calendar filled.

6. I’ve shared our adoption story and that part of my faith journey with two groups already this month. Neither speaking opportunity looked like I expected, but I know God showed up at both the women’s conference and the Methodist women’s group. (Some of those sweet ladies even gifted me my first-ever money as a speaker.)

7. The pool is our happy place. My kids are like fish. I like seeing them play games with each other, make new friends, connect with friends we may not see other places, embrace adventure, and not ask to watch or play any kind of screen – all of which happens at the pool.

I may say I’m taking them to the pool, but it’s for me too. I grew up swimming nearly every summer day as a kid and was a lifeguard the summer I was 16. I like talking with my friends, reading fiction books, and getting in the water with my kids – all of which happens around the pool too.

What’s your season of summer look like?

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  1. You know how much I love the way you document life for you and your family. Your blog here will be something you all treasure for years to come. Love it! Wishing you all a joy-filled summer. You've got some exciting things happening. Love you much. xoxo

  2. KristinHillTaylor6/12/2015 9:40 AM

    And I love the way you encourage me in life - regardless of what's happening. I'm so grateful to be connected to you. Love you back!

  3. I love this post and I am excited for all that summer will bring you. Guatemala! So looking forward to hearing about your adventure there and what God does in you and thru you all... and this season of this new baby growing in your heart.

  4. Shelley Street Byrne6/12/2015 2:00 PM

    It sounds like a lovely summer. This seems to be the summer where Drew is becoming more independent and where Drew and I are doing more on our own without Paul, since he now works afternoons/evenings as a CNA at a nursing home. In other summers Drew stayed by my or Paul's side, whatever we were doing. Now he and Herbie (dog) go out to play in the yard, and I look out the windows from time to time (or he runs in to show me a bug, a flower he picked, etc.) but I don't have to be standing right beside him. He just finished a week of Vacation Bible School, and he LOVED it. Paul volunteered in the cafeteria and some in the classroom so he could be right there if Drew wanted him, but Drew made friends on his own. He's never had speech that was understandable enough to strangers for him to do that before. Paul's new schedule means he can take Drew to participate in morning activities, too, which he has never been able to do before. He is taking him to swimming lessons for the next two weeks, and Drew also got to have a day at space camp because it fit Paul's schedule. Paul won't have any vacation time at all until he has been with the company a full 365 days, so we put our vacation savings into building a patio this year, and I'm finding myself enjoying more time outdoors, watching birds, tending my little herb garden and watching Drew and Herbie in their little plastic pool. With Paul only having every third weekend off, we guard that family time jealously and appreciate it that much more. Thanks for sharing about your family and your summer plans!

  5. KristinHillTaylor6/12/2015 3:31 PM

    Sounds lovely, Shelley! I loved the summer my kids could first play outside by themselves. There is so much freedom in the independence - both for mom AND for the kids. I'm glad Drew is enjoying life right now. Happy summer! :)

  6. KristinHillTaylor6/12/2015 3:31 PM

    Thanks, Amanda! Exciting times, for sure!

  7. Thank you for giving me a little glimpse into your life, Kristin. You have a beautiful family. I am really looking forward to hearing about your trip to Guatemala...I hope you will share about your time there when you return! :) Enjoy this season!

  8. Ginger Harrington6/13/2015 5:03 PM

    So many things I love about summer! Days at the beach when we're on vacation tops my list.

  9. So true how each season has purpose in our lives. Hope your summer is a great one.

  10. KristinHillTaylor6/15/2015 10:06 AM

    Thank you, Laura! I certainly will share - I'm sure I'll come home with many stories to tell.

  11. KristinHillTaylor6/15/2015 10:06 AM

    I love the beach too! Hope you have a great summer, Ginger!

  12. KristinHillTaylor6/15/2015 10:06 AM

    Yours too, Mindy!