Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Real Story of Running Errands at Lunch Time

From March 2014, but, well, it's perfect for today's post.

I had six errands to run yesterday. But I had things I wanted to do at home first. So the kids and I didn’t leave the house until almost lunch time. I realize “lunch time” is not a specific hour, but, really, it is around here – you may call it 11 a.m. So we dropped off clothes at the local thrift store, made a deposit at a bank, and then went to Walmart.

At this point, you should probably know I would boycott Walmart entirely, if I could. In fact, I did boycott it for a while – like six months – and only returned because I am the supply-shopper-volunteer at school and that’s the only store where I have a tax-exempt card – you know, save our small school money.

{If you’re looking for a Walmart alternative, I highly recommend ePantry and Amazon’s Prime Pantry. Who doesn’t want household products delivered to your doorstep? And Amazon provided the enormous box that my kids made into a spaceship THAT THEY'VE PLAYED WITH FOR HOURS EACH OF THE PAST THREE DAYS.}

Anyway. I had a short list at Walmart, with the only Walmart-specific item being a gift card. Of course, the gift card became problematic BECAUSE WALMART IS ALMOST SOLD OUT OF GIFT CARDS AND THE CASHIER HAD TO GO FIND ONE FOR ME AT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Um, what? Graduations! Father’s Day! That’s poor marketing. What kind of store doesn’t want to sell its gift cards?

But, anyway, that’s a rant, not a confession.

The confession is my kids and I ate the Lunchables I bought at Walmart while we finished the three other errands. As I drove to drop off some ideas with one of the lake house cleaners, I snacked on turkey, cheese and crackers. Or maybe I was on my Oreos by then. Whatever. I ate lunch while driving around my small town.

And we liked it.

And  I was finished well before we got to the pharmacy or the other bank.

For what's it's worth, I’m pretty sure they chose their Lunchables based on which dessert was included, but whatever. At least I convinced Ben that Nerds were not called turds or curds.

I shared about this on Facebook and more than one friend shared about eating-in-Walmart experiences {hello, popcorn chicken from the deli} and others admitted they love Lunchables too. So the moral of the story, y’all, is we’re all in this life together. Let’s enjoy it – and not shop at Walmart. But when we have to, let’s get a delicious, processed treat and call it lunch.

I'm linking up with Anna Rendell's Real Mom Confessions, which has become one of my favorite things on the internet. And, hey, this post contains affiliate and referral links, but they only direct you to shop at places I enjoy. 

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  1. Marisa Slusarcyk6/04/2015 4:43 PM

    You made me laugh!!! I too really don't like Walmart. I worked there for a year and they are really poor to their employees and the markup on items is so high that they could be a dollar store.... Unfortunately where I live shipping often costs double the price of an item so Walmart isn't much of a choice, but rather something we simply endure! Happy I caught this post today friend!!

  2. KristinHillTaylor6/04/2015 4:46 PM

    More reasons not to like Walmart! :) I'm glad you caught this post too, Marisa!