Thursday, March 19, 2015

I wanted to marry a mechanic

Long ago, I wanted to marry a guy who could change my vehicle’s oil in the driveway and deal with car problems. This was when I drove a 1987 Ford Mustang that overheated more than once. It’s when I wanted someone else to keep up with when the oil needed to be changed and tires rotated.

Really, it’s just such a weak area of mine that I wanted someone to come alongside me.

Turns out, my husband of 12 years doesn’t know much about vehicles either. I sold the Mustang when I was still in college, but brought the subsequent 1996 Geo Prism into our marriage. I loved that little car, but years later replaced it with a Oldsmobile Alero from a more recent decade. I’ve loved minivans ever since.

The auto problems haven’t stopped, but, really, do they ever? Yet I married into a family that is willing to help. I’ve managed to get the oil changed at the proper time and usually tend to other maintenance issues as required. I have multiple in-laws who are car dealers and have service departments readily available. I’ve borrowed vehicles to drive when I needed to and bought more than one minivan from people who share my last name.

And guess what? My husband has come alongside me in so many things that actually matter. Many of those things don’t have anything to do with transportation or vehicle maintenance, although I do assume he’ll drive every time we get in the minivan together.

He’s given me so much grace as I’ve spent years working through perfectionism that was so tied up in my childhood. He’s loved me when I’ve been hard to love. He’s supported my dreams and let me in his. He’s shown me what healthy, Biblical leadership looks like in a home as we raise our two kids together and manage to take some risks along the way.

In more than a dozen years or marriage, he’s shown up alongside me again and again.

Good thing I let go of wanting to marry a mechanic. Turns out vehicle issues weren’t my only weaknesses that have been made stronger with companionship.

Tell me about your first car and what trait was/is at the top of your list. Share in the comments below or join the discussion on Facebook

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  1. Ah Kristin, I loved this! I wanted to marry a guy who would kind of fight battles for me to keep me safe. In school I always dated tough guys, bad boys - I remember one day a very rude guy in school pushed me for no reason and I got quite hurt.I started crying and my then "guy of interest" asked me what the matter was, I told him the other guy had pushed me and in 3 minutes, the guy who pushed me was lying on the floor. My "guy" had punched him out LOL! Its a good memory, later in life i realised because I grew up in a verbally and emotionally abusive home (my dad was like that) I wanted someone to protect me. I wanted a strong guy. When I met my husband I thought he was very strong and tough, cause he was such a dynamic on fire pastor and waged war spiritually. When we got married, I discovered that I was more standing up for him then the other way around. Thankfully, he has actually started standing up, learning to set boundaries and being tougher - which is important. Ultimately, these things are all challenges! Thanks for sharing Aliyah :))

  2. KristinHillTaylor4/01/2015 1:51 PM

    Thanks for sharing that story, Aliyah! I'm so glad to hear he's standing up for you and your marriage more. God is good to continue the work in us that he begun long ago.