Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Seven Things I Learned in March

I love this time of the year! March was full of basketball and transition from winter to spring, mostly. Dirt has been tracked in the house because the kids have been spending more time outside. That also means more showers are required! The days are longer, which I love for the evenings. Although we've all struggled to get up in the dark mornings since the time change at the beginning of the month.

Without further ado, here are some snapshots of my month, at least the parts that didn't involve watching basketball ... 

1. NEEDTOBREATHE is releasing a live album from the show I was at in September 2014! It was such a fun night and I'm so excited to have it to listen to over and over again. You'll want it too!

2. Third Day worship music is my favorite. I love the new stuff.

3. I'm not a fan of mopey, rebellious Rory Gilmore. Like the one at the beginning of season six. Thankfully, I'm past that now.

4. In the middle of wintry temps, just before a snow storm, a 65-degree day is possible. Like a reminder that spring is coming. We involved ice cream. In Murray, we have an old-fashioned, walk-up Dairy Queen that really does make ice cream taste better.

Then later in the month, I had the air conditioning on one day and the heat on the next. We've worn flip flops and down vests in one week. Ah, Kentucky weather ... 

5. Pizza quesadillas are delicious. "Dashing Dish" inspired me. You'll just need tortillas, pizza sauce, cheese, and any other toppings. So far we've used bacon and pepperoni, but the possibilities are endless.

6. We (almost) sold our lake house. I don't like that circumstances beyond our control dictated that we needed to, but I'm glad we have the sale under contract and we can move on. Maybe to another place on the lake one day. I still manage another vacation rental property at Kentucky Lake that someone else owns.

7. Choosing joy is always good for my soul. Yeah, not new, I know. But here we are, three months into the new year, and God is still using my counting joys for the good.

167. Ben working on learning to ride his bike. 168. America Adopts Daniel party and celebrating with friends. 169. Jaclyn's birthday lunch & trivia night in the same day - more celebrations! 170. Long lunch at Tumbleweed between church & business meeting while UK wins 34th game. ... 173. Being able to help Sarah with kids while Susannah was born. ... 175. Getting hair colored, highlighted, and cut. 176. Walking outside, finally. ... 181. Purging/organizing kids' clothes. 182. Cate and Ben playing with neighbor kids. 183. Ben meeting Murray State's Cam Payne.

How was your March? Learn anything fun or interesting?

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  1. I love your faithfulness with the different posts you do, Kristin. Especially this one! You will see I did a What I learned in the first quarter. LOL. Me...not so good with posting series. :)
    I was always a fan of Gilmore Girls so I love when you mention that TV series. Keep choosing JOY friend. You inspire me to do the same. Love you much. xoxo

  2. Love those warm spring days! A pizza quesadilla sounds pretty good right now : ) Happy last day of March!

  3. KristinHillTaylor3/31/2015 2:18 PM

    My cousin called them "pizzadillas" today on Facebook and I love that word. Hope you had a good March too!

  4. Hello there friend! Need to Breathe is my JAM! Love their music!

  5. Hi Kristin, great list! I also LOVE Third Day :)

  6. KristinHillTaylor4/01/2015 7:45 AM

    If you haven't ordered the new album, go do it now. :) NTB is releasing a song a week or so until the whole thing is out - and what's been released is amazing. Plus, well, after the concert I wished I could listen to the live music again and again. And now I can!

  7. KristinHillTaylor4/01/2015 7:45 AM

    Thanks, Zohary!