Sunday, November 23, 2014

For Ben, who loves loudly

“I’m going to be 5 – one whole hand,” Ben says, holding up his hand, to a lady we’ve never met while we’re waiting for our van’s oil to be changed.

That’s his personality in a nutshell. He’s never met a stranger and he likes to proclaim news. He talks often and moves much. For as much as he likes attention, he doesn’t like to perform when prompted with questions like “What letter is that?” I don’t usually believe his “I don’t know” answer.

He’s just become interested in sharing words that start with whatever the letter of the week is at school. Recently the letter of the moment was F. On the way home the other day, he started listing F words while remembering the pictures and items discussed at school. Fire truck. Frog. Family. And then I added others. First. Forest. Frank. Fancy.

“Fancy? That’s not my style,” he says. I chuckle because I’m a little surprised he even know what that means.

“No, buddy, you’re not fancy. But you’re funny. And ‘funny’ starts with F too,” I tell him. 

He’s an entertainer. He likes to make people laugh and he loves well.

Although his sister may dispute the loving well part. He likes to pester her by calling her “Catie,” a name nobody else has ever called her. He likes to push her buttons and push his way into her room when she’s screaming she doesn’t want him in there.

He pushes my buttons too. Too often, I get on his case with too harsh words. Being a boy mom is hard for me some days. He’s amazing and aggravating in the same moment. Nobody else in my life has pushed me to God like he has, but I’m not sure anyone has ever made me see the world with more joy.

I have absolutely no doubt this boy was meant for our family. He’s the epitome of an adventurer and encourages us out of our boxes. He’s loud and messy and reminds me of what matters at the end of the day – and it’s not a clean house. He’s funny – although I do wish he’d stop trying to make up his own jokes.

This year he’s endured allergy shots – one shot in each arm twice most weeks since the end of January. He’s learned right from left and befriended nurses, especially Jodinna. He’s loved well at the pediatrician’s office – and, really, wherever he goes. Being allergic to trees, weeds, grass, and dust mites hasn’t stopped him from loving the outdoors.

So, Ben, keep doing what you’re doing. Love well. Love deeply. Love loudly. Keep singing your songs – even though I don’t like all the racket at the dinner table. Keep exploring and learning – even if you want to do it on your own terms. Keep embracing this life because your joy is contagious.

Happy 5th birthday, Ben! You’re one whole hand now.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Ben! I so loved the chance to meet those kids of yours, Kristin. And Ben certainly was funny and delightful. Much love to you all. xoxo

  2. KristinHillTaylor11/23/2014 8:03 PM

    Thanks, sweet Beth! I'm so glad we had that chance to hang out and hope we get another one sooner rather than later! Love you!

  3. Me too! Have a great day, Kristin. xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday to your little Ben, Kristin. And perhaps it is the name...I have a Ben who is now big but when he was little -- Wow -- he def loved LOUDLY. However, his heart is the most open to God's leading these days and he has come through great darkness and I believe his best is yet to be. My birthday prayers for your Ben are that he will always love loudly and proclaim clearly the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Birthday blessings and Happy Thanksgiving. And here is a post fyi that I wrote for my Ben on his 23rd bday.

  5. KristinHillTaylor11/24/2014 1:53 PM

    I love hearing that about your Ben! Thanks for sharing that, Sheila! I'm heading over to read your post now ... :)