Friday, September 19, 2014

Worthwhile words for your weekend

Happy weekend! It's a beautiful day here in Kentucky. We've got soccer games and dinners with friends on the agenda. And I'm hoping the sun keeps shining so we can break in our new deck.

I've gathered some things I've read recently online that are worth your time ...

"The Danger of Protecting Our Kids From Unhappiness" by Kristen Welch :: "We live in a culture that is obsessed with not only making our kids happy by giving them everything they want, but also by trying to keep them happy. It’s an impossible, exhausting task. I’ve tried it. Maybe you have too. But instead of making kids happier, it just makes them want more. And more often leads to more emptiness. Because deep down our kids long for authority and structure. They crave guidelines and rules because that’s one of the major ways they fill loved by us."

"What Do We Do When Life Get Hard?" by Kayse Pratt :: "What do we do when things get hard? Will we run? Will we quit? Will we wallow in bitterness, insistent that we didn’t deserve this situation? I’ve tried that. It doesn’t make life any better. ... He’s overcome it, friend. Whatever you’re going through, He’s already overcome it. That doesn’t always make the situation easier, but it changes our perspective entirely, doesn’t it? Because now, instead of feeling abandoned, we see how very loved we are. Loved enough that He’s made sure that the ending to our story is a happy one. A victorious one. Because our story ends in His triumph."

"Light, for Your Darkest Days" by Jennifer Dukes Lee :: "It always feels like I am tripping over the hem of God’s garments when I have one hopeful eye pressed against a viewfinder. And maybe I am — for the Psalmist wrote how God 'wraps himself in light' as if it were his robe. The light does more than make a good photo. It preaches a sermon — one we might need to hear on days like these, in times like these. I found myself listening to the sky’s sermon the other day while barefoot on gravel, expectant and needy. The day before had been crammed with bad news around the world, and I craved light. And then, the sun rose, and I saw it anew: How light overcomes darkness, one glorious inch at a time, to gladden our barbed world."

"A Memorable Melody Through the Proverbs" :: Slugs & Bugs' "Sing the Bible" CD is one of my favorites. Ever. My whole family loves it. Yes, it's "children's music," but I'm 35 and love it too. Throughout September, 100 percent of the profits from "Sing the Bible" sales will benefit Restore Academy in Gulu, Uganda. The sale of just 40 CDs could cover the cost of an entire semester for one student. Here's my earlier review of the CD, which has songs straight from the Bible, and not just Proverbs.

Have you read anything good lately? What are you up to this weekend?

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