Friday, June 27, 2014

Six Things I Learned in June {at the pool}

Oh, June, where did you go?

You've been a mixture of cool, spring weather and hot, muggy summer. We've eaten well with you and spent more hours than I can count at the city pool. There's been blueberries and muddy fun. We've gathered around the table and shared more than food.

You've been a joy, June.

{And now for some things I learned this month ... at the pool.}

1. Being brave is fun. Just ask Ben. So much joy and courage in that kid. And now he swims without his Puddle Jumper.

{And nobody is paying me to say this: Puddle Jumpers are the best life jackets ever. Ben's used his since he was 18 months old and already jumping off the side of the pool. They even count as Coast Guard-approved life vests for kids 30-50 pounds if you're on a boat.}

2. You can make friends wherever you are. I love watching my kids befriend kids they've never seen before and then play games and swim with them. Of course, we live in a small town so it's likely they will see them again.

3. There are rules everywhere. And, yes, some are silly but it's still respectful to follow them.

4. Swimming late into the early evening makes it hard to cook dinner. Just ask Greg how many texts he's gotten lately around 5 p.m. that go something like this: "Hey. We are still at the pool. I'm not cooking. What do you want for dinner?"

5. Old-fashioned books are easier to read in bright sunlight. So I've been reading an actual book that stays in my van for the pool and another book on my Kindle at home. I'm in the middle of "I Am Hutterite" by Mary-Ann Kirkby when I'm not actually in the water. {You can see what I've read so far this year here.}

6. Saving lives is a big responsibility. I can't believe I life guarded as a 16-year-old girl who didn't even have a driver's license. {OK, so, I only had to jump off the stand to rescue one kid. And he wasn't drowning. He was just terrified as he tread water.} These days, these teenagers seem so young.

So. How's June been for you?

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  1. I love that picture of Ben. So cute! Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer. Seeing your post pop up reminded me to actually give thought to what I learned this month. I should really keep track as I go along. It would make the what I learned post so much easier to do. :) Happy Friday! Wish I could come hang with you at the pool. Much love. xoxo

  2. KristinHillTaylor6/29/2014 2:39 PM

    I wish you could hang out with us at the pool too! How fun that would be! Hope you're having a fabulous last weekend of June. Love you!