Sunday, May 11, 2014

For the mommas in your life

Motherhood is the hardest, most adventurous thing I've ever done. There isn't one season of being a momma. For some of us, there are years of waiting. And then there are little ones who are completely dependent on us. They eventually grow up, gradually, and become independent people. Yet, we're always their mommas.

This isn't a profession. It's a calling. And motherhood isn't for the faint of heart. It'll break down perfectionism and usher in beautiful messes that force us to depend on our Father. The crumbs and bedtime stories are for God's glory anyway.

So, yes, it doesn't hurt to recognize women who are mommas one day a year. It just shouldn't be the only day we applaud the women who are waiting or are in the midst of raising little ones or who have been there wondering where the time has gone. Tell your friends they're doing a good job. Tell you mom you appreciate her. Tell your kids you're glad to be their mom. Tell your friend or your sister who is struggling on this Mother's Day you see her and love her.

If you want to give the mommas in your life {or yourself!} something special, I know about some good motherhood resources. And, hey, they're all available electronically, so shipping won't be an issue!

"Trucks, Tantrums and Trusting Him: Confessions of a Boy Mom" by Jennifer Jackson Linck
This is a dose of real-life encouragement. Jennifer's words will remind you of the glory that can come from the mundane. Mothering is a powerful method of sanctification - both for the momma's heart and for those she's raising. This book captures that. Jennifer has found hope and truth in the midst of parenting a toddler boy. Yes, these are her faith confessions as a boy mom, but you girl moms can be just as encouraged through her stories.

"Surprised by Motherhood" by Lisa-Jo Baker
As most of you know, my type A personality has been rocked by motherhood. That's part of why I soaked in Lisa-Jo's story. She birthed three kids {experiences which she describes beautifully, by the way!} and has lived in three countries while I have lived in Kentucky my whole life and adopted my two kids, but I was surprised by motherhood too. This book is worth carrying with you and soaking in when you get a few quite moments between diaper changes and carpool and loads of laundry and homework guidance and making dinner and packing lunches. My guess is it'll make you notice a little more of God's glory right in your own house. {Read my review here.}

"Undivided Mom" by Kayse Pratt
Kayse's authentic works bring hope into your everyday life. This devotional is for mommas longing for a glimpse of Christ in the chaos of everyday motherhood. I like how Kayse encourages women to live {and mother!} with purpose.

Happy Mother's Day, friends! What you do matters. 

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