Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{Three Word Wednesday} At Least Today

I've been thinking about what I wanted to blog about today throughout the day. Not constantly, people. I have other things to do. 

Like volunteer at my kids' school. And eat lunch with a friend and her newly adopted baby. And email people related to my lake house management on-the-side job. And order my sister flowers because SHE HAD A BABY yesterday! And have dinner with our favorite college student we haven't seen enough of this semester. And have a dance party with my kids while listening to a new-to-me Train song while we wait for Greg to come out of the store.

This is my life. At least today.

I have some more meaningful thoughts brewing in my head. About dreams. And faith. And grace. But they're a little jumbled right now.

But for now I'm glad to be sitting on the couch while we watch another episode of "Bones." Thanks, Netflix. 

This is my mind. At least today.

I look around my living room. There are crumbs on the rug here in front of the couch. There is a wild Christmas tree just to my right. To my left are boxes of waffle blocks that haven't found a more permanent home since Ben's birthday party. There is a large plastic container with minimal Christmas wrapping supplies because most of the gifts are wrapped and tied and bagged under the tree.

I tell my husband often this couch isn't the most comfortable one in our house. It is the first piece of real, grown-up, not-hand-me-down furniture we bought. The one in the basement is far more comfortable. But I get sucked in down there and my brain goes to complete mush. Plus it's colder down there.

This is our living room. Some elements for today, others more permanent.

Three different walls in this living room have photo collages. One is 5-x-7 and 8-x10 pictures framed and clustered together. Another is much bigger pictures framing places we've been - Chicago, Mexico, Seattle, Greece. The third is a large picture frame with black-and-white photos mostly of the four of us but also with a couple of my kids with my late father-in-law who didn't get enough time with the grandkids he adored.

These are my memories. From other todays.

This room is far from perfect. But it's comfortable. And warm, especially when I use the blanket my friend made me.

While we were in Branson for Thanksgiving, we let a couple we know from college stay here. They left us a nice note that mention how our home is comfortable and speaks "family" to those here. Even with the crumbs on the rug and the semi-comfortable couch.

This is our home. Many days before. Today. And many days to come.

Today has bits of yesterday, hope of tomorrow and many moments that are worth trying to remember. Like so many others, this day went a bit too fast.

I'm linking up with Beth's Three Word Wednesday because I've missed joining that crew. 

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  1. Oh Kristin, this was lovely. I really do enjoy these glimpses into your life. I love getting to know you better. How kind of you to offer your home up to friends. I'm off on a business trip to a place where my family visited several times together. I get lost in the beautiful memories. You just really made me think about family, home and how God is so good. Super happy to have you join us again this week!!!
    Love you,

  2. KristinHillTaylor12/12/2013 11:19 AM

    You're so kind, Beth. Enjoy those memories and the joy of time away! God is super good - so I'm glad I helped you think about that.